Entryway Storage

With a snow day today, it's amazing. I can actually look at furniture. Kind of. I'd rather be making marscapone cupcakes with frosting of some sort, but my car is stuck which means that I'm stuck. I tried to walk with the MONSTER to the corner store for Diet Mountain Dew, but no luck. Green tea it is for caffeine.

I found a whole new website (ok, new to me) that has some great deals on furniture. Amazing in this day and age, right?

The Hawthorne Hall Tree Storage Bench above is $278, which is an awesome price for entryway storage.
I personally have too many shoes to shove into a boxed tree so I'm more likely to pick a bench that's more like the above Chesterfield Bench with shoe storage. Though it may not hold my four inch heels OR my winter boots, most of my work shoes and Bimmer Man's shoes will fit comfortably in the bench. The 3 drawer bench is $195 and the four drawer bench is $245.

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