Did You Know That It's National Pie Day?

And I want to learn how to make cupcakes that don't look like poo.

In any case, today is National Pie Day and I think it's time to bake tonight. One question - what kind should I make?

Ummm.... Hmmm... (Picture McTatty throwing her arms up in the air, squishing her face into an I-don't-know expression and wondering what's for sale at the grocery store)

The L.A. Times has a very short article - but I'll see what they have in store in the fresh produce. And then possible bake a pie.

Or two. If I can find a good pie crust recipe, which hopefully will fit in my 3 cup food processor.


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Katherine said...

Martha Stewart Living Feb 2009 issue actually has a bunch of cupcake recipes (batters and icing) and fun (as in putting a monkey on the top) ways to decorate them...