10 Random Things About Me

1. I left my cell phone at work last night and Bimmer Man was stranded at school for two hours until he checked his e-mail on his faux iPhone.
2. I HATE picking up dog poop but we use Bio Bags so it makes me feel a little better.

3. Every time I want to cook/bake/do something in the kitchen, Bimmer Man has decided that we're doing something else. I'm ready to get back to the kitchen.

4. I don't have springform pans, but I want to make cheesecake. There's 4 in my Amazon.com cart right that I'm tempted to click on the "checkout now" button.

5. I'm a huge dork. And I get my books from the library. And the DVD's to watch movies.

6. Don't ever mess with my Diet Mountain Dew.

7. Comcast stopped sending me bills in the mail, so I stopped paying the bill. Our cable got shut off - they were sending the bills to our old apartment. I was hoping that person would pay them.

8. I lost my address book and can't send Christmas cards until I find it.

9. I joined a Pedometer Walking Whatever Tracker at work and I've only taken 2,314 steps today. And I walked the dog - I don't think the stupid penny pedometer was working correctly becase we walked for 45 minutes and that's almost 3 miles. I'm not going to win any prize soon.

10. All the presents I'm giving away are going to be my homemade photo cards. I'm cheap and we spend $400 on booze on vacation.

Merry Christmas. Happy New Year. Good luck Holiday shopping.

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bimmerman said...

You always forget your phone!