Photo Stuff

I started putting together handmade cards a few weeks ago. Mostly of flowers and scenes from Brown County, Indiana. I'm selling them for $3 each OR 6 for $15. I have more listed on my Etsy Shop but to be quite honest, well, um, I haven't really had much time to figure Etsy out!

So, I've been busy trying to get everything together, keep the house clean, walk THE MONSTER and read. So in the meantime I've been keeping a list of recipes to make this weekend. Including a tarte of some sort, maybe some squash stuff, eh, who knows at this point, right? (Oh, yeah, and I'm going to a Thanksgiving but I don't know how I'm going to pack either! Or go tanning! Can you tell I'm freakin' out a little bit?).

It's time for vacation! (And I'll bring my camera, which means I will have a higher chance of taking pictures, woo hoo!)


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