New Favs That Don't Fit In My House

Starting with an ice luge from Urban Outfitters, $24, this would not fit in my house. Nor would my dog approve of it, he might actually be pretty scared by it! But my drinks wouldn't! Ha! You pour your drink down the luge, which the ice cools it as it glides down. The only problem that I can tell: What if everyone has different drinks?
Then there's the lovely oven mitt, $12. The ones that I have are gross green from Target. I think this would better serve my purposes of keeping my hands safe. That's what I would tell my husband anyway!

And of course, pies need to be cooked. Frozen, made, rolled, whatever. This tea towel ($8) will serve as a reminder of your holiday baking needs. For me, it's just fun and festive, I don't need to be reminded of another thing on my to-do list, thank you.

And a juicer. Everyone needs a juicer from Anthropologie, $12.95. I really need a juicer! The pattern reminds me of Marimekko designs (Finnish, which can be found at marimekko.com, I think, I just pulled that website out of my butt. It happens that I get lazy when I blog and don't really type the correct web site. There's google for finding web sites! Ha! Especially when I'm lazy!
And trust me, I'm pretty lazy today knowing that the long weekend is coming!

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Maryanna said...

I love that anthropologie juicer.