Lessons With McTatty: Weekly Menu Planning

I'm so NOT great at menu planning. I try and try and try... then something comes along to screw it all up and I'm left with unusable veggies thanks to Bimmer Man. He'll make plans and then not tell me. I should just cook anyway, right?

Here's my list of what to cook this week (thanks to my addiction to Real Simple):

Quick & Easy Samosas (with plain jane cous cous OR some sort of rice)

Chicken Curry

Salmon with Fennel & Roasted Garlic Lemon Viniagrette

Mediterranean Chicken Soup

Luckily I already have quite a few things - frozen salmon, garlic, curry, etc... I just need a few things. Menu planning is hard when you're married to a law student...

I can't wait until May!!!


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