Green Living? Oh, Yes, I Do, Kinda....

I am unable to give up my addiction to magazine subscriptions. Yes, I know. That's not very green of me, is it?

Cottage Living, Better Homes & Gardens, Cooking Light, Domino and Real Simple. That's a lot of freakin' magazines.

I devour them when they come in the mail. I pour over all the pages, some mags I save for months later only to discover that I missed some fabulous recipe that was in season in, well, May. And then I feel bad, tear the good stuff out and recycle the poor remains. Not so eco-friendly of me.

I pride myself on having clean drains (I used to have long hair and we have a Golden/Irish Setter mix) by just using baking soda & vinegar. AND I EVEN BOUGHT CLOTH NAPKINS. But somehow, I just can't give up holding a tangible magazine.

Ugh, well. Ugh. Maybe it's the artist in me. I want to smell it. I want to feel the nice smooth paper in my fingers. Ok, that's a little to raw - but come on, I love a new magazine!

And so I signed myself up for another one.

And it's all online!

Here's the Winter 2008 issue.
Honestly. I just can't live without my magazines! At least one is online - hopefully the rest will follow to Flash animation and do some cool stuff.

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Sarah Kelly said...

Great thoughts Patty. I too am with you in anxiously awaiting the day my "Vogue" or "W" comes in the mail. While we may both recycle after our magazine thirst has been quenched-I do want to point out a cool service I just found called Catalog Choice (www.catalogchoice.org). This easy, free, not-for-profit service can both cancel any junk mail or subscriptions that you no longer want or read, and has the option to sign up for more catalogs that you may want to receive. So, while you and I may still want to feel the glossy pages between our fingers-at least it'll be ones that we'll definitely be reading, and not just tossing right into recycling. Hope this helps!