Christmas: The List

1. A down comforter. One preferrably that has never been inside of a frat house.
2. Scissors. That can withstand the stupid plastic packaging that I hate.
3. A really good mop.
4. Mud resistant sheets (THE MONSTER's fault...).
5. A really good cookbook. With pictures.
6. Enough Pillbury's Best Flour to last for a year.
7. Enough Fleishmann's yeast to last for a year.
8. Free booze for a year.

Now I've gotten off track. Let's continue.

9. Aveda lotion. The kind that says, "Replenishing" Only the wife of a law student should need a lotion that's "Replenishing."
10. Tums.
11. The mittens that have the gloves inside, but you can flip up the mitten part on the fingers so you can pick up dog poo.
12. New shoes. Any kind at this point.

And the list will go on, but this is ok for now!


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