When It Rains, It Pours

You've met the Bimmer Dog. But here he is, not as healthy as a horse like previous posts. He became lethargic one day and then never got better. We brought him to the vet last week and we got horrible news. He has bone cancer, which, in Golden Retrievers, cancer kills approximately 60% of the dogs. I've learned more about canine cancer than I ever wanted to.
When he was better, he stole my shoes. And I would find them in the dog box (crate). But now he doesn't have the energy to steal my shoes. So now I find them where I put them last and it's weird. Really weird. It's sad. I keep thinking that I need to search the whole entire house to find my shoes for work at 7:30 AM.
He used to sniff at his doggie bags to go out and potty. Now we have to lift him up to get him to go out and potty. And that sentence just made me start to cry.
Here's Bimmer Man with Bimmer Dog. This was last Thursday.
And this is yesterday.
And this is today. Better, but only because of pain medication. The Bimmer-mother-in-law is flying down this weekend to say goodbye to Bimmer Dog.
And so we had to take one last family picture.
We love you Bimmer Dog.
And yes, we know that you love squirrels and kitty cats. But never fear.
We've kinda adopted a cat. That's the Bimmer Car. This was on Tuesday, the night we had to leave the Bimmer Dog at the vet. I prayed for God to send us a sign and guess what. We got a freakin' tabby cat instead. I hate cats. Bimmer Man hates cats, so no offense or anything.
But there's the cat.



Jade said...

I am sorry that you are experiencing this. My heart goes out to you and Bimmer Man.

Teresa said...

My heart is breaking for you. :-( We lost a dog this year and even though it's been almost a whole year, I still expect to see him when I walk around the corner. It's amazing how they become so much a part of our families, isn't it?

Nichole said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Bimmer Dog...that's so sad... :(