Food Policies and the Election

By now you've probably deduced that I'm very liberal. I'm a tree hugging, cooking, photo-taking, Kiss-My-Face soap using (soon to be Sappo Hill soap using with no packaging), true-to-form Democrat.

And I buy grain fed chicken. And Bio Bags for my Bimmer Dog's poo.

But as an environmentalist, even hearing energy policies, I still want to know more. And so I've done some research.

Here's a summary of McCain's and Obama's proposed policies within this lovely American economy today for food. For human energy. Yep, that's right, something that they haven't discussed within the debates yet. And probably won't be.

Direct link to Obama's "Real Leadership for Rural America"

Direct link to McCain's "Prosperity for Rural America"

BTW - I actually poached chicken for the very first time last night. I popped my poaching chicken cherry and it tasted fantastic! That's to come later this week...


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