Break the Water Bottle Habit

Break the Bottler Water Habit!
I am a pretty environmentally friendly person. But it irks me to no end when I see people buying bottled water. It's water for pete's sake - you can get it for free from your tap! Don't like the taste, buy a Brita! Use a Nalgene bottle, refill it, but whatever you do, please, please do not purchase bottled water.

If you do, please recycle. Please, please, please recycle. I've gotten Bimmer Man to start recycling cardboard! Woo hoo! So, if he can recycle cardboard (and yes, that includes the boxes that your crackers come in, etc...), that means that EVERYONE can stop buying bottled water!

Ok, confession. I used to drink Fiji water because it seriously tastes like Heaven. Really, it does. But I don't drink it anymore.

Be environmentally friendly. Be natural. Eat natural.

Happy Hump Day!


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