Anybody Heard of the Gas Crisis in Nashville Yet???

Please, please, please post a comment if you have. If you haven't it means that I don't believe the news stories that I see anymore.


Here's a few stories that have been posted on blogs the past few days:

Number 1

Example 3

So please, tell me if it's true or just a marketing hoax!! Oh, and it looks like I skipped #2, but whatever... I want to know!!!




Dave and Catherine said...

Yeah, I read about it at one of the blogs I check every day, http://www.citizensugar.com/

They said that people have been following gas tankers around in hopes of being first in line when the tankers fill the gas stations!

Nichole said...

Hey Patty,

The same story was on the NBC Nightly News last night, for what that's worth...we have something weird going on in b-town, though. Every day for the past four years I've driven from Indy to B-town. And gas prices are always about the same, and usually catch up with each other within a day. For the past 3 days, Indy's been as low as $3.69 (with most in the low $3.70's) and B-town is at $3.99. I've never seen that large of a discrepancy for longer than a few hours.


webbie said...

Well, most stations have gas now, but I noticed last night that many had only regular and some still had the lights off. I live 45 mile south of Nashvegas and we have not had a problem.

But I did notic a total lack of traffic as I drove into Nashville last evening. Even Murfreesboro road was quite empty at 7 o'clock.