Random Eats & Catching Up

It's time to play catch up with McTatty. Mostly because I've been gone for so long moving & packing and not having the internet I just can't wait to blog! Strangely enough, I've been missing my googlereader and the usual blogs that I read. Actually, I've been missing seeing updates on my own, weird, right? Um, that was a little too truthful.
I've been making a lot of homemade pizza lately. Not sure why - I think mostly because I enjoy the honey in my dough along with adding whatever I want - like pepperoni & green peppers. Mmm.... And if you don't like rolling out the dough - just toss it in your cast iron pan and push it out to the sides, punch down the middle and you're all set with a deep dish pizza.
And bruschetta. I now make bruschetta pizza (ok, so I just make the bruschetta and then toss it on top of the pizza...). And no, I did not have any french bread. Sorry. I had to use my Brownberry whole wheat... Actually, it wasn't too bad with mozzarella...
Favorite summer flavors so far - tomato, basil and garlic. I also love fresh salads, oh wait, you can have all these flavors in a salad! Ha!
And me in the morning. I like having breakfast. If I don't have breakfast I end up eating a Snicker's Bar around 10:30 and uh, that's not so healthy, right?
My lunches. Or breakfast. Or whatever. Eggs in a basket. Or Toads in a Hole. Whatever. Let's just say I NEED one of these every day. They're so good... fried toast & eggs in butter with salt & pepper. It's not healthy at all, but it is a great source of protein, right? And fiber if you use whole wheat bread? Well, let's just say that it's Heaven in a bite, especially with a runny yoke! Um, yeah, this is definitely healthy in my dreams!


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Joelen said...

I think I love Toads in a Hole as much as you do. Seriously! It's the perfect breakfast with toast and egg. :)