Me Thinks Me Needs A Vacay...

I have one of these. It's actually for Kemi, Finland. Why? Well, because I'm Finnish, that's why. Nuppa means belly button. That's the extent of my knowledge along with a swear word or two. I would also like to go on a honeymoon with Bimmer Man before our pictures start to turn this color. Although, I do like it photoshopped like this, oddly enough. Last year, when we got married he left for an 8 week internship right away. Next year he starts working as a lawyer.

I've decided to grovel for a honeymoon. I don't know if it worked yet. But I tried.

So I took the day off tomorrow before the last year of Law School starts next week. It's a mini-moon.

And I'm SUPER EXCITED. We can go to the beach, read, walk, go running, whatever. I get Bimmer Man all to myself for 24 hours. Ha! Law School, take that!


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