Man vs. Grill

The beginning of the end of summer. A good end of summer.
My Bimmer Man attracts bugs. We need the citronella. Anyone else have any ideas of debugging the backyard???
The Bimmer Man reads directions. I think I've taught him well by buying so much Ikea furniture.
Oh, the concentration of screws...
It's so hard putting the handle on the top.
Or maybe he just doesn't like his picture taken.
Ok. I snapped one of my feet. They're not pretty, but it sure made Bimmer feel better.
I didn't know that you needed an actual drill to build a grill. I guess you do. Or maybe it's just a manly power tool thing. Whatev...
I like his new haircut.
He really knows how to fiddle with that lid, huh?
Aha... so that's what the drill is for!
Finally. Very close to being done.
The lid fits! The drill worked!
And even the spiders were clapping... Ok, well, not really because Bimmer Man fumigated the outside of the house for spiders last week.
The lovely ending.
Now, where's my chicken? I hope it's been defrosted...

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