BBQ Chicken Wraps

The NEW MCTATTY KITCHEN. Oh, and I bought a kitchen island. More pics of my digs to follow...
Roughly chop a tomato. I haven't gotten used to my new kitchen yet, pardon my pics while I test out my ISO...
Then bang the hell out of a chicken thigh or breast with your rolling pin. Definitely a stress reliever. Two if you're cooking for four. Just one tomato though - not everyone likes tomatoes.
Marinate your chicken for 15 minutes with Italian dressing. Not too long.
Lightly oil your grill OR grill pan, like me.
Grill approximately 7 - 9 minutes on each side or 6 - 8 minutes depending on your grill. I happen to have a stove that doesn't get as hot as my other one. It took me almost 10 minutes on each side. Oops, maybe I should've preheated my grill pan a bit longer...
Once grilled, slice the chicken thinly, spread BBQ sauce on the bottom of your tortilla, top with the chicken, tomatoes and cheese. Roll up like a burrito. But don't be like me and buy smaller tortillas - buy the big burrito tortillas.
Put on your already hot grill for 8 minutes on one side, then 5 minutes on the other side.
Oops, part of my tortillas broke. It helps if you warm them through first. But I was hungry. I didn't have time for microwaving them for 20 seconds.
Mmmm... let the cheese melt with the sauce and the chicken... and then enjoy! My new favorite meal! You can really make these with just about anything - just veggies, corn, browned ground beef if you have that, etc... I guess I do have to admit that I also eat pretty much anything when I'm hungry. If you put it in a tortilla, I'll eat it!


Joelen said...

Congrats on a new kitchen! I love your grill pan BTW :) Your wraps looks great too!

Dave and Catherine said...

Hey, I have a grill pan too, but my husband hates when I use it because it doesn't get all the way clean afterwards. How do you deal with that part?

Cate said...

The new kitchen is awesome! I love this recipe too. YUM