10 Confessions

For some odd reason, I need a bit of stability in my life. I guess confessing to the world at least once per month seems to sooth my soul a bit. So here goes...

1. My new favorite alcoholic drink is Peach Tea with Raspberry Vodka.

2. I have an odd shaped nose (see below).

3. Both of my sisters have had nose jobs because of our odd shaped noses.

4. I'd rather have a boob job than have an elephant nose for 2+ weeks.

5. The pictures that I've had printed in our home are in black & white. Only.

6. I love the New Kids on the Block. Still to this day. Hello - Donnie Wahlberg!!!

7. I miss my mom. Lots.

8. Crochet is very calming. I make lots of scarves & hats in the winter.

9. I'm much more assertive & direct than I was one year ago. I don't put up with bullshit anymore and I know with whom I want to be friends with.

10. I know how to apologize and forgive.

I guess this confession kinda has a deeper meaning for me. At a fabulous friend's wedding this past weekend, I learned so much more about one friend that moved away like Bimmer Man & me. Change is inevitable when you move away from home. Sometimes for the better and sometimes not. Now, I've decided that matureness does not come from age, it comes from experience as well as learning from other's mistakes. So I have to deviate from the disappointment this past weekend and focus on the good.

Grassman - you have grown and changed and matured like no other SN that I know. Spending weekends with you, I have learned more about you and I'm more impressed every time I see you. Job hunting is hard but so is life. You have seen change and growth and matureness in so many of your friends lives along with the ups and downs that love, family, brothers and careers bring. You have become one of my most favorite people in this whole world. Bimmer Man and I will always be there for you.


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