Onion Goggles & Woodchoppers

Chopping onions is not always my favorite thing. In fact, every time I do, my poor Bimmer Man gives me a huge hug because he thinks that somethings wrong.

Half the time, I'm just bawling away hoping not to get salty tears into our food. (Take note: in over half the pics I take of food, there are tears somewhere on my cutting board.)

What is worse: These Onion Goggles


They are $19.95

I think Bimmer Man would die laughing at me if I bought them. Sur La Table has pink ones and they're in stock. Hilarious.

But I actually want a pair. Seriously. For real.

I think I'd feel more like I was in the movie Fargo with a woodchopper than being in my own kitchen chopping onions. I don't think normal people wear goggles when not operating heavy machinery, saws, drywalling, 8th grade shop class, etc...

Eh, woodchoppers. Maybe they'd work for onions too.


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