Lightening & Flash Flooding

Brings me back to childhood. I remember, I must've been 15. The whole entire city of Bloomington, Minnesota got hit by something. A tornado, straight line winds, I don't know. But I remember we were without power for 4 days. And, stupid me & my mom, we drove to the East side of Bloomington looking for ice! They didn't have any ice either!
In any case I was at work, just got out of a meeting, had to bring a paper to the CFO on the third floor.

A huge crash.


And then the fire alarms started going off.

Being the fabulous assistant that I am, I'm all worried about getting the dang piece of paper to Pete (and don't worry Nicole, I'll take care of you tomorrow!). So I bring the paper to the third floor and watch everyone rush from their desk to go down to the first floor.

Whatever. I'm pretty easy-going. For pete's sake, it's just a storm! Nope, we were struck by lightening and I got to hang out with Nicole & Nichole in the lobby. It smelled bad - like smoke & sulfer. Gross.

Then the streets were flooded getting home, normally 7 minutes, took me 35! Here's some pics of after the water went down on Kirkwood. Normally I'd say enjoy, but I can't help looking at the cars in wonder - I hope they have comprehensive on their car insurance, the poor people.

The fire department is to the left. Yes, they flooded too. The post office is on the right.
Mr. Logan Davis talking on his cell phone. His car is the red one. I offered to take photos for insurance.


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