10 More Confessions - for Nichole

1. I hate mayo. Egg whites & oil just don't sound good together.
2. Slow internet connections annoy me.

3. I kill indoor plants, but in an outside garden I can grow anything.

4. Black licorice, anise, etc... makes me puke. Not sure why, but it always has.

5. I have a secret addiction to The Sims (well, not so secret anymore).

6. I've been doing Logic puzzles lately and I love them, but not when I've been drinking.

7. I've been an AT&T cell phone customer for over 5 years. Love 'em. Free phones are fabulous!

8. I accessorize on the weekends. But I wear red shoes only to work.

9. Cooking is a passion. So is baking, but I don't always have the patience.

10. I don't watch movies more than once. Unless it's on t.v.

11. Random humor is hilarious to me. Like the hot sauce in the picture. Don't know why, but hot sauce always makes me laugh.


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