Finally. No More Broken Computer.

The old computer was horrible. Junky. Temperamental. Horrible. Old. Heavy. Whatever, it totally had a mind of its own. This is the new machine:

And so the new saga of the new machine has started... I shall now become a better blogger.

Maybe. We'll see. I don't think that a computer in general can improve your writing skills if you don't have any to begin with.


I write restaurant reviews in my spare time about this small town that I live in for visitors to understand that the Jungle Room is not actually a place to eat at and Billy's isn't too bad especially the burgers and sitting on the porch (have you seen the commercial for Billy's Chicago Place... hilarious... "I've got the beer if you bring the girls!"). At least I'm honest. Oh, and almost every time I've been to the "really, really good" breakfast place on Kirkwood that's next to Pizzeria Uno, my eggs have been cold and the sausage has been like a squishy mattress. Gross. The wait is way too long to be worth cold eggs and squishy sausage.

Coming this weekend:

Cinnamon Squares (Yes, Dorie Greenspan's that disappeared at work like no tomorrow)

Pasta (Cheapo style, yeah, I'm still poor)

Cheesy Quesadillas with Black Beans

Maybe something with Roasted Red Peppers too. We'll see what's at the Farmer's Market after I get my car aligned at 8 am tomorrow morning. Where's my Bimmer Man when I need him?


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