It's McTatty Confession Time

1. I'm still drunk from last night.
2. I'm generally never organized enough to tell you if I've paid my electric bill on time.
3. I love eggs. Actually, I crave protein and calcium in general.
4. Diet Mountain Dew is the one love of my life...
5. If I were not married, I would hunt down Anthony Bourdain.
6. Or Kimi Raikkonen. (He's a Finnish racecar driver)
7. My husband won two awards last night and I made him take pictures so that I can send them to our mothers.
8. Budweiser is really not so great for you.
9. If I had more money, I think I'd still be a cheapskate like my father.
10. Confessions are strangely fun. I think I'll do this more often...


1 comment:

Whosyergurl said...

YOU are hilarious!