Pizza Pizza Pizza

So this past Monday was my husband's birthday, Thursday was Valentine's Day and the two of us were super sick - me with a Sinus infection and currently an ear infection while he had a cold, strep throat and a horrible seal-like cough.

I'm not a big fan of anti-biotics simply because I think that people are over medicated, but my opinion came to a huge halt on Wednesday when you could actually see my glands in my throat.

Needless to say, I haven't been cooking much! I have been making a lot of "homemade" pizza though - better than take-out and almost as good as Papa Murphy's!

What you'll need:
Pillsbury refrigerated pizza dough
1 - 2 cups mozzarella cheese
1/2 -3/4 cup marinara sauce
1/2 cup chopped olives
Thinly sliced green pepper
And whatever else you want on it!

Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

Spread out the pizza dough, top with the marinara sauce (only a little bit, otherwise it seems like the dough gets kinda soggy...)

Top with the cheese (only use mozzarella, otherwise it doesn't taste as good!), then with the pepperoni, then the olives, then a little more cheese.

This only taste 10 - 12 minutes. You'll be able to smell when it's done! (oh crap, that sounds too much like Rachael Ray...).



Celebritory Black Bean Soup & Grilled Cheese

So I'm not one for grilled cheese and tomato soup - I will eat it, but I like my grilled cheese with black bean soup. Today we had two great reasons to celebrate - my husband's birthday and my new job!

I make a lot of black bean soups - sometimes they're more southwestern, sometimes they're so Minnesotan that I'm not really sure if it counts as black bean soup! Here's the one I made tonight...

Black Bean Soup

3 cans of black beans
1 small onion, chopped
3 cloves of garlic, chopped
1 green or red bell pepper, chopped
1 can diced tomatoes
2 cans stock (chicken, beef or veggie works, if you want thick soup, just use one can)
1 tbsp chili powder
1 1/2 tbsp cumin
2 tsp coriander
Salt & pepper to taste
Cilantro to mix in at end & for garnish
1 8 oz bag frozen corn

In a stock pot over medium heat, put olive oil in to cover the bottom then add the green pepper & onions. Sweat until clear & soft for 5 minutes. Add the garlic, cook 2 minutes more. Add in all other ingredients except for corn and cilantro.

Bring to a boil and simmer 15 minutes. Then add corn, simmer 5 minutes longer. Mix in some cilantro (but not if you're going to freeze it) or just garnish with cilantro.

Serve hot with grilled cheese sandwiches.


Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Bread for however many sandwiches
2 slices cheese for however many sandwiches
Kraft American cheese has the best melting, but I really like cheddar or provolone
Chili powder

Preheat oven to 425 degrees.

Spread margarine over one side of each piece of bread. Top bread with 2 slices of cheese, sprinkle with a little chili powder. Cover the cheese with another slice of margarine coated bread and put into the oven.

Flip after 6 minutes, then let toast for another 3 - 4 minutes.

Slice diagonally and serve with the black bean soup!



Fun Things About Me

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Why You Aren't Normal:

You would rather be tan than pale

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I Actually Did Work Today

I absolutely love photography - I get inspired every once in awhile to go out on the streets and just shoot what I find. Here's a collage of what I did today.

Don't worry - I'll be posting more food and recipes this week!

On the menu that I know already:

Stuffed bell peppers
Homemade pizza

And others, hopefully not Ramen!



Bowl For Kid's Sake


I'm bowling for the BBBS of South Central Indiana. We do have to raise pledges and let me tell you - I absolutely positively HATE asking for money. But if there's one thing that I do support, it's this.

Your contribution is tax deductible - you will receive a receipt for your 2008 tax forms.

Please contribute - every dollar is very important!

Thank you so much for your support, the children appreciate this more than you know...

Patty Harayda