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I've had a request for more organizational stuff. It's kind of exciting!

I want this home desk - mostly because it's so incredibly simple and dark wood and looks easy to keep it clean (okay, as soon as I see dust I use my microfiber cloth with a little water). It's $199 from Target - and online there's free shipping as of today. The one we have is similar, but no shelves on the sides. I want shelves.

If I had this desk, I would have two small baskets on each side on the bottom shelves and then longer, shorter baskets on the top shelf to hold supplies, like calculators, Beemer Man's pointer clicker test taking thingy for Law School and of course, the laptop and desk lamp on top. I've tried emptying stuff into handmade pottery, but it seems to end up on the floor. And I've tried putting pencils in coffee cups, but my man just doesn't see the light of organizing way.

So, I've turned to See Jane Work for help.

I have my files organized. My binders are in good shape. I've settled down to nice, adult patterns instead of using Target My Little Pony folders that I've had since Kindergarten.

These are great for storing stuff like bills, tax information, etc... The Caspari Project Folder is $4.95, well worth the moola - especially for when you go to see your tax man sweat as you pull out the W2's with how little you've really made this past year.

I also enjoy the way they look tucked neatly into their correct spot into their own little file cubby. Yes, I color coordinate but I've only bought the cream, green and blue letter trays. I'm that much of a dork!

If you have time, check out http://www.seejanework.com/, I'm telling you, that website will change the way you think about office supplies and how to organize your home office as well as your cube at work.

Enjoy the shopping! Because I'll be enjoying the organization and the easy finding of the recipes that I'd like to try!


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Jen said...

I LOVE that desk. I've been looking for something similar for my home office. Very cute!