Refrigerator Organization, Blech...

Ever wish you had just another 10 square feet for your shoes? Your clothes? Your kitchen?
I do all the time! In fact, my kitchen is only about 10 square feet. I have a teeny tiny stove (four burners and only 2 pots can fit at a time), an actual icebox for a refrigerator (open one door for everything and then another door inside of the fridge for the freezer) and NOT ENOUGH STORAGE. We bought a butcher rack at Target and I still can't even find time to organize that.
Talk about me trying to organize anything else!

I finally stumbled upon the Container Store's fridge and freezer section of their website.

Absolutely awesome ideas. Who knew that me, the world's most lazy organizer could possibly actually use some of these things??? The water container my husband will love, the popcan holder my diet mountain dew will go cuckoo over and the freezer bins, I just hope that I'll be able to find them when I defrost the whole fridge...

And so now I'm off to shop online and get some great stuff to organize my fridge.

At least one thing that I use daily will be organized, right???

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