Thanksgiving Menu

I absolutely love Thanksgiving. I do not love turkey. I like turkey on sandwiches and in omelettes, but not roasted, not deep fried, not baked, not blah. I skip the turkey and go for the sides, same as my husband.

This year I'm hosting his mom and dog. Yep, they're flying all the way down from Minnesota. Even the dog. The dog is old and to put it honestly, I'm worried that something will happen to the dog, like end up in Asia and not here in Indiana. I actually had a horrible dream the other night that the dog died and I had to bring it to Canine Companions so that it could be taken care of. I'm not telling the husband about that one!

My mother-in-law is kinda particular about her food. So I'm making something other than turkey.


Beef stew
Green salad
Apple, onion and sausage stuffing
Caramel apple crisp
Mashed potatoes and gravy

I think I might even attempt a pumpkin cheesecake. We'll see if I get a springform pan at Target on my lunch hour today.

Wish me luck for my no-turkey Turkey Day.


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