Shit, I'm Losing Things Again

Yeah, trying to be organized during the Holidays is hard. Especially when I'm trying to upload pics from my camera and can't find the correct USB cord. Crap. I'm screwed.

The crazy thing is, at home I'm not very organized at all, but then I go to work and I'm colored coded OCD about my files. And I'm organizing other people's files as well. I think I'm going to color code our files at home. That might make it easier, I'll have to use the same categories that I use at work so I don't confuse myself. I associate a category with a color: red - financial, purple - personal, yellow - reference, green - internal departments, orange - external departments, blue - samples/ideas/etc...

At work, we keep financial files for 7 years so my red category is usually arranged according to fiscal year, one person that I'm organizing, I'm doing by vendor - it's easier for him to see his files that way. By vendor also helps when you use several people a lot in one year or in one month. I also keep personal files for people, so they have places to put their PTO statements and things like that. Warranties and invoices are also saved, along with meeting notes and promotional samples. As you can tell, I keep a lot more organized at work than I do at home! I just need to keep the energy going from work to home!

Here's my categories that I'm going to use at home, these are easy for me to see:

Red - bills
Green - bank statements, credit card statements, tax info
Blue - warranties, instructions
Pink - Personal stuff for me
Yellow - personal stuff for CJ

Ok, since today was payday I'm on a hunt for a USB cord and a new filing system.

Ugh. I hate organizing. Oh well, it needs to be done!


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