Color Inspiration

I've been inspired. Kind of. To do what, I'm not really sure! I'm a huge fan of http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/ and then I saw this Matisse on their website. I guess I've always loved the color red - this is Matisse's Red Studio. In theory, I would love a red room, red makes me more creative and thoughtful. Sometimes it's harsh depending on if it's an orangey or a more bluish or greenish red. In my current apartment, there is no way in hell that I would be able to paint my hospitalish white walls any other color.
(I am currently on cold medication, so I apologize for my ramblings, as I sometimes forget that people don't like to read the ramblings of a 24 year old on mucinex & pseudophedrine, sorry)
In any case, my original point of this post was to actually post about my wondrous cleaning caddy. In it I have the following:
Swiffer dusters & plastic duster thingy
Scrubbing Bubbles
My cleaning caddy is complete. Now I guess all I need to look like more of a dork is a cleaning belt complete with a place for paper towels.
This post may be edited after I have gone off the cold medication. I'm not quite too certain of what I've written or how my thoughts are being organized in my loopy brain today.

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