I *GASP* Threw Stuff Away This Weekend

Yes, I did.

I am in shock at myself. Seriously. I'm usually good at giving old clothes to Goodwill, but for some reason, parting with household items is the hardest thing in the whole entire world for me to do.

Yesterday I was watching VH1 and they had a special on the top 25 worst decorating habits. One stuck out in my mind - THROW STUFF AWAY YOU DON'T LIKE.

So I did.

Whoops, there go the old candles since last fall that don't have much wax left in them.
Oopsie, the old yarn that I really can't crochet anything with, and there go the old coasters that I made when I was 14. I hate the scent of one candle, yet I kept it anyway because it was a gift. Well, that went into the garbage as well.

The fajita pans that we don't use very often - those will be on ebay and probably in the facebook marketplace soon. They take up room in my cubboard and I originally and stupidly bought them for CJ thinking that he would cook more. I was obviously wrong. I can let go of those...

Also, I have this stupid fake Santa basket for Christmas cards. That will be going to Goodwill because I found a new one that I like from Pier 1. I love retail therapy.

Also, all of the books that I've read, I'm making a library out of them. I will lend them out. I'm not afraid to do so!

I also need to get rid of two really awesome bar stools. They take up room behind our couch where I could actually be storing stuff. So, those will be listed on the facebook marketplace as well. And probably ebay. Maybe I'll even post 'em on Craigslist. I don't know, whatever. I just need more room in our tiny, one bedroom, 640 square foot apartment. I'm about to go crazy!

Oh, oh... Also, I need to find boxes to store DVD's in. The stupid DVD holder rack is bugging the bejeezers out of me - I'm not one for clutter anymore and I like things put away and closed behind doors. I'm ready to start organizing the DVD's and get those into our entertainment cabinet. That's going to be hard work!!!

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