Green Cleaning? Anyone???

Ok, so I do admit. I love my 409 and the sweet, sweet smell of bleach cleaning my kitchen. But now that I have a large bleach mark on my favorite pair of black pants that I normally wear to do photography (I'm not wearing them in the picture in this post), I've decided it might be time for me to give up the bleach. Well, the purchased cleaning solution bleach that is.

I have also decided that I hate the smell of vinegar. It's hilarious for me to read about green cleaning and then realize that I have to use vinegar. The stuff made me puke at french camp. Seriously, how can I turn green if I can't stand the smell of the stuff??? (But, I do use red wine vinegar and balsamic vinegar for cooking, the smell is still there, but at least it's kinda masked)

Also - http://www.gaiam.com/ is the perfect place to buy environmentally "challenged" people Christmas gifts. I say "challenged" because I still see people who claim to be environmentally friendly using plastic bags and driving SUV's. That does not make me happy. Gaiam also offers stuff for sale that's been fairly traded with a variety of different cultures. I think I enjoy looking at those items the most.

The picture that's not me is from Seventh Generation products. Gaiam sells their products online but they are also available in most stores. Target carries their cleaning products, Kroger carries their stuff too! I can hardly believe it - green products in a Republican state! But, lo-and-behold, Indiana is certainly good for some things. The Dalai Llama visited this past week. I can't complain about that!

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