Blog Action Day

Today is the one day in the world where everyone blogs about the environment and helping out Mother Earth, I don't know how beneficial this is but there are so many blogs out there, let's get this started. See this website for more info: http://www.blogactionday.org/.

http://www.nature.org/initiatives/climatechange/calculator/. Calculate your estimated amount of carbon per year. Caution: it will be in the TONS. And that's a lot of carbon.

Talk about the environment and you know how I'm a treehugger!

Let me post about somethings that can save the environment as well as your money!


You'll end up being happy that you went to the above address and printed it out. I have a copy tacked to my cubicle (ah man, don't start with me on cubicle living).

Tonight, on your way home from work stop and get the good light bulbs. They really do help. Also, at Kroger they have canvas grocery bags, buy a lot. I think they're only 50 cents. Research household cleaners and how to make your own enviromentally friendly kind. Since they're homemade, they actually save you money too.

Being big on the environment doesn't mean spending your whole paycheck on crap. It means redusing, reusing and recycling. Just remember - for the most part, things that you do to save money mean that they probably also help the environment too.


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