Binder Clip Recipe Holder

Today my goal is to pour over realsimple.com (yes, I do subscribe to their magazine) and find small things that I can do to help organize even more. Yesterday I found this super easy thing to do.

You know those black clippy thingys that hold together your papers instead of staples? What I did last night was what I thought kind of ingenious. I mean, I stole the idea from Real Simple, but I don't really know who else is such a dork that they would do this too.
I took one side of the metal clips off, hooked around our cabinet hardware and then put the binder back together. Then I clipped my recipe to it (I made pumpkin cream cheese muffins last night and I also made homemade chicken noodle soup). That was one of the more fabulous ideas yet!
Ok, I'm done with my "thingy" idea now. I can get back to being an organized foodie.

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Muliya said...

Keep up the good work.