My blog is worth over $1,000. Who knew? How in the world can you calculate that? Truth be told, I guess I'm glad that people are reading my blog! That's kind of a scary thought though - I mean, how many people read my blog and then try out the recipes? Yeah, that's hard to calculate too.

People try and make money on some of the craziest things ever. Take for example my "donate" button on the bottom of this page. I wonder how many people will donate to me to try new recipes. Seriously, that's what the money will go for if anyone ever donates. (Oh, yeah, it's a secure, paypal thingy too) I will wait until I have enough to try something fun and dynamic. But then again. Who knows what will happen?

If someone donates, it may even go to my hubby's tuition - law school takes the cake over being a foodie and a bad organizer. Yes, maybe the money will even go to trying to help me become organized. At this point, I don't know, I'm just doing it for shits & giggles to see if anyone donates.

50 cents is ok too - I can buy one whole twizzler at Kroger for that much!!!


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