So I'm a Huge Dork

I am so NOT good at HTML. I like to copy and paste and when that doesn't work for me, I kind of give up all hope that I can do it.

And yet with Photoshop I can do ANYTHING. Man, see what being a photographer does to you... In any case, two weeks ago I had this fabulous conference in Indy with famous Photoshopper Ben Willmore. He has this blog ( www.whereisben.com) which I enjoy reading because he can do these fabulous things. Of course, if I were to spend the whole year in an RV with my D70 & my D80 and WiFi, I think I could do anything with Photoshop too.

But then again, someone has to make a living in my household... because Law School students make CRAP for a living. Seriously.

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