The Organized Laundry

I'm daunted at the thought of doing laundry this weekend. I feel like I'm climbing up Mount Everest. The pile up is just more than I can take! There has to be at least $25 worth of laundry to be done at the laundromat. We don't have a washing machine or a dryer, so we're stuck paying for it until we have a place that has them. But I actually have ways of organizing this much laundry.

1. Sort out colors, whites & towels/linens. You should have three piles so far. Sometimes I put reds, blacks and khakis in their own piles depending on how much laundry I have. Tomorrow calls for at least six piles. This is the easy part.

2. Give each pile its own basket or laundry bag. This works incredibly well if you go to the laundromat because that way as each load is done, you can fold and put the load into the car without waiting for another one to fill up your basket. Plus, I have a ganglion cyst in my wrist, so the lighter that baskets, the easier it is!

3. Put your laundry soap, Oxyclean, bleach, dryer sheets and whatever else you use in the bottoms of your laundry baskets - that way you don't have to make an extra trip from the car into the laundromat. Also - stick some hangers in your basket for the clothing that you don't want to iron later on. It makes it easier to just Febreeze your shirts and pray to God that they look good when you don't have time to iron in the morning.

4. Pretreat your stains BEFORE you go to the laundromat, that means doing this while you're sorting.

5. Voila! You go to the laundromat, you're all sorted and ready to do the laundry! How easy is that???

Ok, one more tip that I should've put at the beginning, when you take off your clothes each day, put them into the different baskets so that they're already sorted and you don't have to sort them before you go to the laundromat!

Now it's time for Mrs. McTatty to do the laundry. Where the clean clothes will go when I get done, I'm not exactly sure.


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