I'm Getting Better

About organizing my clothes that is! CJ has an interview in Chicago this upcoming weekend so I'm all alone and ready to organize my stuff! So here's the plan, Stan...

1. Buy a closet doubling rod at walmart.com
2. Switch the shoe organizer from the bedroom closet door to the hall closet door to store cleaning supplies, hats, mittens, etc... Also, get an over-the-door hanging hanger thingy from walmart.com to hold the mop & broom.
3. Put over-the-door hangers over the bedroom closet door instead of the hall closet door.
4. Get more drawer organizers and make CJ go thru his sock drawer to pitch what he doesn't like. (Oh, and throw out old underwear & stained T-shirts at the laundromat, he won't notice them gone anyway).
5. Get a bill organizer. Put the bills on the day they are due on the calendar so you see EXACTLY the day you need them in the mail.

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