I Did It

I now have a closet doubler in my closet from Walmart. Yes, Walmart. I do have to admit that I was a little nervous picking up my package from the store because of some of the people that hang out there, but I did it. I made it to the back of the store without wandering around and getting lost and I got it!
This morning I pulled all of MY stuff out of the closet and hung up my new hanging rack thingy. I don't think there are better words to describe it. I put away all of my summer stuff, pulled out sweaters and long sleeve shirts. I packed away all of my shorts and tank tops (except for a few, I have sweaters that I like to wear over tanks) and put them in clear airtight bins at the top of the closet. My husbands not here to clear out his stuff, so that'll have to wait until he has a free weekend.
I've realized that I have too many clothes. I started a bag for donations and it's already filled. Tomorrow I will drop it off at Goodwill. I feel better knowing that I'm ready for Fall (even though it's already here) weather. I don't need any more clothes, I counted dress shirts, dress pants, jeans and the like so that way I know exactly what I have. I just need new bras (but then again, I can always shop at Vickie's right???) and maybe some new underwear.
The next step - color coding. We'll see how that goes. For now, I'm alright with my shirts on the top rung and my pants and skirts on the bottom rung.
The only thing is... I wonder how long it will last...

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