Chili, Crockpot or Not, It's Still Great!

So here's my recipe for my crockpot chili. Seriously, you don't really need a crockpot but it's easier if you don't want to cook when you get home from work.

1 can of chili-ready beans (can be store brand, I buy Kroger Chili Hot beans)
1 can of pinto beans
1 can of kidney beans
1 packet of chili seasoning, mild, or whatever. I like Hot.
1 lb. browned ground beef or ground sirloin, whatever's on sale.
1 medium onion, roughly chopped
2 cloves garlic, roughly chopped

Optional: 2 baking potatoes, peeled & roughly chopped

Combine all into crockpot. Cook for 7 - 8 hours on low, 4 - 5 on high.


If you have time and want to cook after work:

Two swirls of olive oil around a large pan, put in the onions & garlic, simmer until the onions are clear, about 3-4 minutes. Put beef in pan and brown (who cares about the fat, right? No, if you want to drain the meat, brown the meat first then add the onions, we usually buy lean beef though). Do not use potatoes in this recipe, as they won't be tender enough unless you microwave them first.

Add everything else to the pan and simmer on medium for about 25 - 30 minutes.


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