What I'd like to be when I grow up

But I'm already grown up, right? So this past week the 35W bridge in Minneapolis collapsed. It's a real tragedy, people died, the infrastucture of our country is collapsing. I probably shouldn't be blogging this but I will because it's my opinion - in countries past, the government collapsed because the infrastructure did. Now, as this country is in war, the gov't has been ignoring the problems at home, and so this is what we get. A collapsed freeway (the only one that goes from Duluth to Texas), more debt and the President is still sending troops to Iraq.

I am sort of in disbelief - his wife spend more time at the site than he did. He's been in Minneapolis before but I guess since he doesn't live there he doesn't realize what a tremendous problem this is going to be. If there are 750 bridges in the United States like the one in Minneapolis and 150 of those are in Ohio - which one falls next?

As I've grown older, I've paid a lot more attention to politics and I've noticed a few things about the United States. We're prosperous, but only if we can make things cheap and charge a lot. We're ignorant, unless something directly affects us. And that's what I've noticed with the bridge collapse. As Americans see the images on television, their minds wander to the bridges nearest them, and then it becomes a problem, but a problem for how long? How long is this going to be on tv? And how long are people going to remember this besides Minnesotans? For days, months or years? I have a feeling it won't be long - for a country this large, if it doesn't happen in your backyard and you're not affected, then why should people pay attention?

The Minneapolis bridge collapse is a symptom of a larger problem that cannot be remedied with only more money. This is a symptom of an economy that needs to realize that cheap labor does not equal quality products. Look at Mattel - there were hundred of toys on that recall list.

Honestly, I'm not sure what will happen in the future, but what I do know is this. I'm stocking up my linen closets and pantry. I will have toilet paper and batteries to last me a few months. I will not take anti-biotics unless I need them and I will ALWAYS vote in my local, state and federal elections. When I grown up, I want to make sure that I'm still here on Earth.


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