Organizing My Photography

It's a job that I swear is larger than life. I've had 8x10's from high school lying around the apartment, taken them out of their binders and somehow, they've ended up all over the apartment. Yesterday, I took an hour and sat on the floor in our bedroom and stuck them all back into their binder.

1. I put all the photos (I hand printed, enlarged, etc... myself in college, so they're still a little smelly, but at least I have them ALL) into plastic sleeves so that I could put them all into a 3-ring binder.
2. As I shoved them all into the 3-ring binder, I didn't really organize them by time period or subject, because I just wanted to get them out from under the bed and away from the desk, the bookcases in the living room, and just out of the living room, period.
3. When I have more time, and when I get new portfolios, I will most definitely organize by subject. But as you can tell, there's not too much time in my life for doing these things in one day. Plus, we don't have much money for organizing - I mean, we live in a 640 square foot apartment for Pete's sake. I'm not about to spend money when we're not going to live here forever!

I definitely feel much better, but I know that when I only have time for some things, that's all that I have. I've been very good about trying to follow the flylady.com's schedule, but I'm not exactly about to "shine my sink" on a nightly basis - as I wake up the next morning and CJ's usually made a mess of it again anyway. I'll have to train him.

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