Mastering the Bathroom

Living in a small, 640 square foot apartment is not fun. Especially where two people have to reside for another year. I've decided to tackle the bathroom - we have no linen closet, barely any storage and have make-up, hair stuff and who knows what to supply us for a whole entire year! I'm not quite as organized yet as I would like to be, but for my next organizational project I am going to add before and after pictures. To the left is the after picture and it still looks disorganized! Can you believe it? Here are my bathroom tips:

  • Clean, 5 minutes every day. This may include wiping down the counters and spraying the cool stuff that keeps your shower clean. Or it may include cleaning the toilet. Get a Scrubbing Bubbles toilet scrubber. It saves you time & space by hanging on the side of the toilet. Plus, you flush the cleaning stuff at the end and not the wand. Genius!

  • Keep your mirror clean - keep glass cleaning supplies, like Windex close at hand. It makes you feel better knowing that if you have accidental guests, at least they don't see a dirty mirror. Plus, all that toothbrush splash & shaving splashes don't seem very cleanly, do they?

  • Get see-thru canisters for your Q-tips & cotton balls. You can easily see when they need a refill. Plus, you'll be more likely to wash your face or paint your toenails if the supplies are in easy view and in pretty containers.

  • Buy an undersink organizer. There's a neat one for the kitchen that you can buy at Target in the kitchen organization section. This one is great for the bathroom because it's adjustable. The one I'm talking about can also go between the plumbing pipes too. It creates extra needed space that you would have never thought about before!

  • Get a basket for magazines and books. Boys always need these. If you get a good basket, it makes your bathroom look more spa-ish. Bonus on days where you need relaxation!

These are my tips on the bathroom so far - as my bathroom supplies triple throughout the year, I will be adding more and more!


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