Getting Creative Ideas

I'm starting to get together ideas for a more well rounded and organized bedroom. I know what I like, it's just putting the whole entire room together. To the left are the dressers that I absolutely love from Ikea. The only problem - there's not an Ikea near me. And so for shipping these things, it's well over the actual prices of the furniture. Pretty much, double the price and that's the shipping cost. Absolutely ridiculous! But, the store is meant for you to pick up your furniture at the store and put it together yourself, so I don't blame them! I just have to look for furniture like these, or maybe do some temporary shopping. I'm onto the Container Store next. I think I need some closet organizers, maybe some new bedside tables for organizing the clutter. I'm not sure. This is such a work in progress that I'm a little afraid almost to think too far outside the box - mostly because we'll be moving into a new place next year and I don't want to customize this apartment.

The joys of being a renter. Ugh.


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