About Me

So, you wanna know a little about me, huh?

Well, I'm married, have a dog, have a daughter, we have a small house with a small yard. Bimmer Man and I foster dogs (not as much as we used to since The Monkey was born). I love to garden, but I wear my rainboots so my feet don't get muddy. I plant veggies and flowers.

I cook. A lot. I prefer cooking to baking. Lately my blog has been more about decorating, but frankly, this blog is really for me to document my life, what I do for fun, what I cook, what I eat, what I make and what makes me happy (really awesome photos, food and my cute little faux-cape cod house). I don't blog for money, I don't blog for anyone but myself.

Decorating is fun, but I wish I had more money. I love finding steals and deals, eye candy shopping at Restoration Hardware, Urban Outfitters, West Elm, and also, the antique stores in cities near me.

The Monster is the dog. He really is a monster, He'll completely ignore you unless you have bacon or are willing to give pets for a really.long.time. He eats raw (yes, raw meat, raw eggs, raw fish, raw chicken, raw bones... he's a prey model raw fed dog with the occasional commercial fed diet).

This is The Monkey. She's short, she's cute, she eats pretty much anything (which I've heard for being a toddler is freaking awesome), her favorite color is pink and her current favorite toy is her Matchbox car Herbie (yes, as in Herbie The Love Bug #53).

And mostly, my life is fairly boring, but keep reading my blog if you want to know more about me!

That's me, in a nutshell.